Margaret and Alexander Radclyffe 1599 A True Story of the Elizabethan Court - 1599 Productions Association, a non-profit voluntary association
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The main project of 1599 Productions Association is the film ‘1599 - A True Story of the Elizabethan Court’. There was also an associated live performance at St Margaret's Church in Whalley Range on 20th May 2009.

Performance: ‘1599 an Elizabethan Experience’


  • Anarosa de Eizaguirre as Margaret Radclyffe
  • Charlie Allen-Wall as Alexander Radclyffe
  • Narrator: Jon Scholes

Musicians - La Brigata:

  • Peter Syrus - Music Director, Bass
  • Sue Tyson - Soprano
  • Kristine Szulik - Alto
  • Tom Salmon - Tenor
  • Hugh Cherry - Lute

Writer, Executive Producer: Claire Hunt
Stage Manager: Rhiannon Preece-Towey
Technical Manager: Rupert Booth
Lighting: Steve Curtis

Make-up: Anna McErlean and Emma-Jane Copeland
Costumes by students on the theatrical costume course at Liverpool Community College:
Tutor - Jane King
Students - Amal Abuswer, Susan Carey, Suzanne Edwards, Alison Fagan, Siobhan Harris, Heather Jones, Aislynn Owen, Sophie Owens, Clare Tonge
Costumes (Accessories): Alison Kirkpatrick (ruffs, Alexander's sword belt, scabbard and frog)

Photographer: Rachael Magowan
Poster and ticket design by Paul Burnett, programme by Claire Hunt
Photographs for promotional material by Rachael Magowan (poster, programme, promotional material and framed prints) and 1599 Productions Association (stills for other promotional material)

“Chaos” poem by Ovid's ‘Metamorphoses’, 8 CE
Visuals for “Chaos” poem derived from NASA/JHUAPL/STScI, by permission, edited by Will Selden
Music piece for “Chaos” poem by Charlie Allen-Wall

Thanks also to the many organisational helpers: St Margaret's Church, Victoria Baths, Paul, Kim and Irene.

Executive Producer:

1599 Productions Association is a non-profit voluntary association.
All members are unpaid. Net profits go to local charities.