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Further Thanks

Thanks to John Topliff and Gina Frost at Three Minute Theatre (3MT) for their wonderful hospitality when hosting our Premiere screening.

Supplementary Credits

Sound Library Credits

Thank you to for their excellent website.

Thank you to the following field sound recordists at for use of their library sounds.

'arnaud-coutancier' sound 275079license NC3
'babusrelaxtv' sound 344430license CC3
'benjaminharveydesign' sound 316645license CC0
'cdrk' sound 264598license CC3
'colo777' sound 251435license CC0
'dobroide' sound 60613license CC3
'helupema' sound 137764license CC0
'inchadney' sound 59043
sound 167366
license CC3
license NC3
'JarredGibb' sound 233105license CC0
'klankbeeld' sound 242093license CC3
'ListenTonyBoy' sound 325090license CC0
'lth_stp' sound 121299license NC3
'odilonmarcenaro' sound 275189license CC3
'Ohrwurm' sound 96605license CC0
'Robinhood76' sound 202129license NC3
'sexpistols' sound 320947license CC3
'Tomlija' sound 109490license CC3
'Yap_Audio_Production' sound 218998license CC3
'YleArkisto' sound 251522license CC3
'Yuval' sound 191258license CC0

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Notes on licensing, status of usage by 1599 Productions Association:

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1599 Productions Association is a non-profit voluntary association.
All members are unpaid. Net profits go to local charities.